ValueMatch Selling For Home Builders
ValueMatch Selling For Home Builders

ValueMatch Selling For Home Builders

How to Sell What Matters Most

New edition

270 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Paperback, ebook: PDF

Paperback, $35.95 (CA $35.95) (US $35.95)

Publication Date: January 2009

ISBN 9780867186437

Price: $35.95


Will Nowell has revolutionized the sales process with ValueMatch™ Selling for Home Builders. Proven, powerful, and effective, ValueMatch listening skills will help you open the door to your prospective home buyers' emotional need to buy a new home. These skills, the core of the ValueMatch sales process, will help you match what your homes have to offer with what prospects value most in a new home—and it usually has nothing to do with granite countertops or number of bedrooms.  ValueMatch Selling for Home Builders will teach you how to build rapport within the first 60 seconds, sell yourself to establish a relationship, convey the builder's concept or vision, make a dynamic presentation that includes asking for the close three times, put yourself and your prospect in a closing posture, complete the sale, and launch a new after-closing relationship that brings in referrals.   ValueMatch Selling for Home Builders is your guide for selling what matters most.   ValueMatch Selling Kindle Edition is also available on You can start reading this book immediately on your iPad, Kindle, or smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, or Android), or on your desktop by simply downloading Amazon's Kindle App here.


ValueMatch Selling is the missing communication link in most of today's sales methods. It has powerfully improved the success of our sales team and their attitude towards Sales Training. . . . ValueMatch Selling has vaulted us forward. —Andrew Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing             Fort Worth Division, Meritage Homes,  Fort Worth, Texas

ValueMatch Selling has helped our salespeople with their relationship building, which has always been at the core of The Villages' sales philosophy.  —Jennifer Parr, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing              The Villages, Florida

Will teaches practical applications that can be used for the rookie or seasoned veteran. His emphasis on questioning strategies and listening skills are two key ingredients to a successful sales recipe. —F. P. Boyd, Director of National Sales Centex Homes Corporate

The feeling a sales person receives knowing they have effectively listened and matched a customer to their product is simply awesome. One of the most valuable commodities we have today is time, this path gets customers . . . focused on why they are there.   —John Maasch, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Veridian Homes, Madison, Wisconsin

Author Biography

William J. Nowell is the President and Owner of ServiceTrac, LLC, a 14 year old Scottsdale Arizona based Marketing, Research and Training Company. ServiceTrac, LLC serves all facets of the housing industry, providing Market Research, Satisfaction Surveys and Sales Training to more than 400 public and private housing related companies offering housing options to every segment of the housing industry from manufactured housing, apartments, single family homes, active adult and seniors housing. In addition to guiding the growth of ServiceTrac, LLC since its inception, William Nowell also personally consults with many of ServiceTrac’s customers and personally trains more than 1500 sales people through several venues, including on site company training meetings, ServicTrac’s two day Sales Training Boot Camps, and Key Note speeches. William Nowell uses the ValueMatch™ Sales Training which he personally wrote and developed. Will also has a CAASH certification.