Think Sold! Creating Home Sales in Any Market
Think Sold! Creating Home Sales in Any Market

Think Sold! Creating Home Sales in Any Market

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180 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Paperback, ebook: PDF

Paperback, $23.95 (CA $23.95) (US $23.95)

Publication Date: January 2009

ISBN 9780867186536

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Think Sold! Creating Home Sales in Any Market is a practical, how-to guide for developing the self-awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed in the competitive field of new home sales. This book teaches readers how to approach sales, and life, from a position of optimism that will create successful outcomes, set personal and professional goals and provides tools for reaching them , and communicate effectively with various types of buyers and adjust communication strategies to increase rapport and alignment with buyers' motives. Prospecting, greeting, qualifying, presenting, demonstrating, and closing are discussed in detail. Tammy Lynch explains how to overcome customers' objections and provides specific examples of how to explain the benefits of new home features in customer-friendly language. Other chapters discuss new home financing and how to size up the home builder competition.   Think Sold! includes tools to help new home sales professionals practice and polish their presentations and demonstrations. No matter where you are in your career, regardless of whether the housing market is at a peak or in a trough, this book can help you close the deal with more buyers.   Tammy has donated her royalties from first-year sales to Future Builders of America®, a nonprofit workforce development and student leadership program.  Think Sold! Creating Home Sales in Any Market Kindle Edition is also available on You can start reading this book immediately on your iPad, Kindle, or smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, or Android), or on your desktop by simply downloading Amazon's Kindle App here.


"Think Sold! is filled with success stories that will inspire you and provide helpful hints to help you meet your own home sales quota."                                    --John A. Palumbo, Author, What's Your Sales DNA?   

"Tammy Lynch shows salespeople how to first envision success in sales and then create a roadmap to realize that vision."                                         --John Rymer, President, New Home Knowledge

 "Besides essential sales techniques, this book teaches how visualization is a precursor to career success."              --Daniel R. Levitan, IRM Fellow, MIRM, President, Levitan & Associates

Author Biography

Tammy Lynch is a successful real estate broker, consultant, and owner of Lynch Consulting, Inc./Results Source, in Bradenton, Florida. She is a certified building contractor who specializes in sales training and coaching. Tammy is a certified principle instructor for the University of Housing for the following courses: Institute for Residential Marketing (IRM) Understanding Housing Markets and Consumers and Marketing Strategies, Plans, and Budgets, and the Certified Marketing Professional (CMP) course House Construction as a Selling Tool.The first female president of the Home Builders Association of Manatee, Fla., Tammy also has received many home building industry achievement awards. She is a life director of the Tampa Bay Builders Association, trustee of the IRM 2004–2007, builder director for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) since 2005, past president of the Florida Home Builders Foundation, and a member of the National Sales and Marketing Council, and the Greater Tampa, Sarasota, and National Associations of Realtors.Ms. Lynch enjoys most being able to speak to groups about how faith and belief in the power within can change lives. She has written other books on the subject, including The Mastery of Abundant Living, Today’s Master Key, and has co-authored others, including The Mastery of Abundant Living:The Key to Mastering the Law of Attraction, The Mastery of Abundant Living:The Magical Thinking of the Law of Attraction, and The Mastery of Abundant Living: Christian Keys to the Law of Attraction.