The House That She Built
The House That She Built

The House That She Built

New edition



36 Pages, 10 x 10

Formats: Hardcover Picture Book, ebook: PDF

Hardcover Picture Book, $17.95 (CA $23.95) (US $17.95)

Publication Date: September 2021

ISBN 9780867187854

Price: $17.95


The House That She Built is inspired by and dedicated to the REAL women behind the home built exclusively by a team of women in construction, skilled tradeswomen, and women-owned companies. The House That She Built educates young readers about the people and skills that go into building a home. One by one, children learn about the architect, framer, roofer, and many more as they contribute their individual skills needed to complete the collective project—a new home. With illustrations that connect and empower and words that build upon each other with each page, this book will leave all kids (she, he, and they) excited about their own skills and interested in learning new ones.


"While my daughters loved to hear about The House That Jack Built, I wish we could also have read The House That She Built, a story that helps broaden horizons for girls and boys." —Denise Dersin, Executive Editor, Professional Builder Magazine

“The books we read as children can shape the people we grow up to be. The House That She Built is empowering, encouraging, informative, and inspiring. Every child needs a book like this on their shelf that says, “You can do anything you set your mind to.” —Amy Riley, Preschool Teacher

"A one-of-a-kind, incredible book for educating children and parents about the skilled trades. Sharing stories of successful women and careers in construction is important for building our workforce and for making the world a better place. As a woman-owned company, it is especially rewarding for 84 Lumber to participate in this project." Maggie Hardy Knox, President and Owner of 84 Lumber

"This book is the key to help children explore the world of construction and all it has to offer. They can identify with the relatable characters and all the things that they can do in the construction industry. It shows that women can do anything that they put their minds to! A much-needed resource." Charner Rodgers, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Tuskegee University, Robert R Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science

Author Biography

Mollie Elkman spent her childhood surrounded by home builders, yet it wasn't until she joined the industry herself that she recognized how often she was the only woman in the room. Over her career, she met people who proved that not only are jobs genderless, but everyone benefits from a workforce that embraces diversity and inclusion. When the ambitious project of an all-woman-built home was shared with her, Mollie could feel herself becoming more and more inspired by the stories of the women involved. She is excited to share that feeling with young readers and their parents.