Managing Your Business with 7 Key Numbers
Managing Your Business with 7 Key Numbers

Managing Your Business with 7 Key Numbers

New edition


206 Pages, 7 x 10

Formats: Paperback, ebook: PDF

Paperback, $35.95 (CA $35.95) (US $35.95)

Publication Date: February 2015

ISBN 9780867187359

Price: $35.95


Use 7 Key Numbers to help you earn greater profits with less time and energy Many builders and contractors struggle to get a clear picture of where their business is at the moment – and where it's headed financially. By the time you compare your accounting reports with your job costing, estimating and change orders, and pipeline, it's too late to make adjustments to guarantee profit. This book will help you see where you stand every day, with every job, by monitoring just 7 Key Numbers that drive all profits and cash flow, including number of leads, sales conversion rate, and customer retention rate. Stay on top of every job! Follow the steps in this book to create a process that will let you know when costs or scheduling deviate from the estimate—in time to respond before those changes cost you money.


"Managing Your Business with 7 Key Numbers is exceptionally well written, organized, and presented. Specifically directed at professionals engaged in construction, Managing Your Business with 7 Key Numbers is as thoroughly "user friendly' as it is informative, making it very highly recommended." Small Press Bookwatch Oregon, WI

Author Biography

Jeffrey Kenneth Prager is the founder of Backroom Management Services, a construction software publisher and accounting firm. He has been a CPA, business owner and entrepreneur for over 35 years. Jeff has built multi-million dollar companies abd helped companies raise over $1 billion. Scott Stroud is cofounder of Selling More Homes Media and is host of BuilderRadio's Selling More Homes podcast. Scott has been involved in the business of marketing, designing, selling and building homes for over 30 years.