Jobsite Phrasebook English-Spanish
Jobsite Phrasebook English-Spanish

Jobsite Phrasebook English-Spanish

New edition


208 Pages, 6.9 x 5

Formats: ebook: PDF, Paperback

Paperback, $11.95 (US $11.95) (CA $11.95)

Publication Date: January 2002

ISBN 9780867185386

Price: $11.95


Improve communication on your jobsite with this great phrasebook. It’s filled with Spanish translations and pronunciations for common jobsite phrases in the construction fields most heavily populated by Spanish-Speaking workers: insulation, concrete, framing, drywall, and roofing.

Author Biography

After moving from Colorado to Southern California in the early 1970s, Kent Shepard spent 20 years working as a carpenter on residential and light commercial projects. These included housing tracts of up to 200 homes, custom homes that were up to 17,000 square feet, apartment complexes that included up to 1200 units, hotels (look at the octagon and dome on the roof of the “Hotel California” CD by the Eagles), and a wide variety of remodeling projects. Living again in Colorado near the continental divide, Kent has worked as a framing and finish carpenter, home inspector and framing and remodel contractor. He pursues a variety of interests including operating a home inspection and snow removal businesses, photography, etching sandstone, mushroom hunting, skeletal rearticulation (an ostrich project currently in progress), and fatherhood.