Green Building Strategies
Green Building Strategies

Green Building Strategies

From Plan to Profit

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200 Pages, 7 x 10

Formats: ebook: PDF, Paperback

Paperback, $33.95 (CA $33.95) (US $33.95)

Publication Date: January 2012

ISBN 9780867186796

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A concise guide to current best practices for designing, constructing, testing, and ensuring longevity for new high-performance homes, Green Building Strategies explains in plain language what's happening in the rapidly evolving field of building science.  Green Building Strategies has condensed current information about green building from credible sources in a format you can easily digest. With this book you'll learn how to comply with new energy code requirements, understand green building standards, sort out product manufacturers' claims, answer buyers' questions about high performance homes, and build high-performance energy-efficient green homes to satisfy buyers and stay ahead of your competitors. Green Building Strategies takes you step-by-step from design through site development and construction, quality assurance, marketing, and customer service. It provides the information you need to systematically create green projects with a price tag both you and your buyers can accept. This comprehensive resource includes URLs for essential online green building resources, illustrations, and a glossary.


"This very readable and easy-to-use guide will help builders and other industry professionals understand and apply cutting-edge building science to construct high performance homes that meet consumer demand." -- Donald Ferrier, CGB, Ferrier Companies, NAHB Green Building Advocate of the Year, Energy Value Housing Award Remodeler of the Year, Fort Worth, Texas

Author Biography

Jeannie Leggett Sikora has worked at the NAHB Research Center as a research engineer since 1997. Her primary focus is improving energy efficiency and promoting the use of renewable energy in new homes. Prior to working at the NAHB Research Center, Ms. Sikora served as an educator in the dairy industry at the University of Wisconsin and Penn State; first developing outreach materials about on-farm biogas production at Penn State and subsequently working in Wisconsin with dairy farmers and dairy processors to increase energy efficiency in the industry. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Lehigh University and a Master of Science degree from Penn State. Ms. Sikora resides in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband and son.