Beyond Warranty
Beyond Warranty

Beyond Warranty

Building Your Referral Business

New edition

272 Pages, 7 x 10

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $44.95 (CA $44.95) (US $44.95)

Publication Date: January 2008

ISBN 9780867186321

Price: $44.95


It's a proven fact—maintaining positive relationships with homeowners after move-in increases sales. Savvy builders are putting this potent marketing force to work by ensuring that their after move-in services gives them the competitive edge.  Whether your goal is to establish first-class warranty service or to go beyond warranty service with maintenance menus, educational programs, and social events, Beyond Warranty: Building Your Referral Business will teach you how to align buyer's expectations with the service they receive, create a limited warranty document, develop and use warranty and maintenance guidelines effectively, structure warranty service procedures especially for your market, create an efficient repair process, and make service a positive experience for home owners. If you want to go beyond warranty to WOW your home owners, then this book is for you! The accompanying CD includes checklists, forms, sample letters, and other documents that will start you on your way today. The CD contains Microsoft Word and PDF documents. Windows Vista/Office 2007 compatible.


"Carol has done it again!  Beyond Warranty: Building Your Referral Business is packed with real life examples of how to improve customer communication systems, drive referral business, and convert satisfied customers into your best salespeople.  When every sale is precious, these concepts have never been timelier.  I am one of her most passionate fans."                                                     --Bob Whitten, SMA Consulting, Orlando, FL

Author Biography

Carol Smith is a leading customer relations consultant in the home building industry with 29 years of experience in such positions as vice president of customer relations, orientation representative, construction superintendent, real estate broker, property manager, and mortgage officer. She publishes a bimonthly newsletter, Home Address. As the author of the highly successful Customer Service for Home Builders; Warranty Service for Home Builders; Meetings with Clients: A Self-Study Manual for a Builder’s Frontline Personnel; Homeowner Manual: A Template for Home Builders, 2nd ed.; Dear Homeowner: A Book of Customer Service Letters; Customer Relations Handbook for Builders; and other products.Ms. Smith has been well-received at the International Builders’ Show of the National Association of Home Builders, at state and local builders’ association functions, and at meetings in Canada, Australia, and other countries. She has been married to a custom builder for nearly 17 tempestuous, exciting, wonderful years—most of them spent remodeling their home. Her web site is