Approving 55+ Housing: Facts That Matter
Approving 55+ Housing: Facts That Matter

Approving 55+ Housing: Facts That Matter

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Publication Date: January 2008

ISBN 9780867187021

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Created to help builders and developers obtain approval for 55+ housing in their jurisdictions, this resource dispels many of the myths about 55+ housing that prompt well-meaning officials and conscientious citizens to interfere with the approval process. The publication presents the facts for builders and developers to pass on to their local planning boards, city or county councils, civic and homeowner associations, and other interested groups. Chapters include: Education Issues, Planning for Road Improvements, Parking Standards, Public Safety Services, Water and Sewer Services, Public Parks and Libraries, and Local Economic Impact (Jobs, Income, and Taxes) for active adult communities and elderly tax credit projects.

Author Biography

Paul Emrath is the Assistant Staff Vice President of Housing Policy Research. At NAHB, Emrath’sresponsibilities include conducting statistical and economic research on a wide variety of housing policy topics, estimating the economic impact of home building, and generally overseeing the research activities of the Housing Policy Department. Since joining NAHB in 1992, he has developed many of the methods NAHB uses to analyze government programs and housing market data, produced more than 400 customized reports analyzing the impact of residential construction in various metropolitan areas, non-metropolitan counties and states across the country, and published more than 100 research articles. His articles “Seniors in the Market for Housing: State Forecasts Through 2006” (NIC Review, Vol. 6, November 1998) and “The American Housing Survey: A Valuable New Information Source for Seniors Housing” (Seniors Housing & Care Journal, Vol. 10 No. 1, 2003). Fei Liu, Housing Policy Economist, joined NAHB’s Housing Policy Department in 2006. She also earned a Ph.D. degree in Economics from Indiana University in 2006.